Parallel systems use homesteading, community-building, and cryptocurrency to create a secure, decentralized network of users, resources, and services.

Revolution Disguised As Gardening. An Introduction to Permaculture | Melissa Miles

A jam-packed introductory course designed to give you everything you need to become more self-reliant and start implementing permaculture in your own life now!

  • Learn the history, ethics, and principles of permaculture
  • Grow your ecological and pattern literacy with integration activities
  • Gain a plethora of resources that Melissa has accumulated over 15+ years
  • Discover all the ins and outs of designing permaculture systems
The Complete Guide to Forming Communities | Stefan Verstappen

Take your freedom into your own hands, create mutual aid support, and survive the coming collapse.

  • Build your own services to prepare for when existing ones disappear
  • Secure a strong foundation for your community with Charters and By-Laws
  • Find out how to screen for psychopaths and avoid being overrun by the wrong people
  • Become self-sufficient, share knowledge, and support each other during the bad times
Homesteading On A Budget | John Bush & Rebecca Powers

John & Rebecca will show you how to use your current income, skills, and home to create lasting food security and abundance

  • Growing pounds of fresh, organic food to eat year-round whether you live in a 0.1-acre suburban home or cramped apartment
  • Buying high-quality food your family loves at bargain prices at select stores online and offline (where to shop, what to buy, tricks to use, and much more)
  • Strategically stocking and prepping enough food to feed you and your family during a blackout, riot, storm, or total economic disaster
  • Eliminating debt, slashing expenses, and cutting costs to have more money
4 Pillars to a successful community

If you or anyone you know has:

  • Fantasized about buying land and creating your own community or group homestead
  • “Window shopped online” for property and then sent it to your friends
  • Yearned for a group who shares interests, values, daily chores, and fun activities
  • Needing tangible action steps to get yourself and your group motivated 

Get this free module to The 5 Biggest Issues that Communities Face and the 4 Pillars to Success

Set Up Your Crypto Wallet in 4 Simple Steps | John Bush

Gain instant access to all the information you need to transact on up to 125 different blockchains.

  • Understand how crypto wallets work
  • Learn why Coinomi is the best wallet for both beginners and intermediate users
  • Find out how to set up your wallet safely and securely
  • Discover how to send and receive your first crypto transaction

Nomad Brad's Mobile Homestead Accelerator Workshop

Are you looking for FAST ways to live the homestead life ASAP without buying land or breaking the bank?

You'll learn:

  • The various options for mobile living 
  • How to chart a course throughout the United States 
  • Why investing in a vehicle and trailer for your stuff is the ideal starting point
  • How to mentally prepare yourself for the mobile lifestyle 
  • How Nomad Brad went from traveling the country in a van to living on 10 acres rent-free in just 2 months  
  • How to use the “Law of Leverage” to quickly create YOUR ideal homesteading opportunity.
  • The single most powerful network of freedom-loving people on the planet 
  • How to live large with little 
  • Expert advice for living comfortably on the road 



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