Parallel systems use homesteading, community-building, and cryptocurrency to create a secure, decentralized network of users, resources, and services.




Parallel systems use homesteading, community-building, and cryptocurrency to create a secure, decentralized network of users, resources, and services.

Revolution Disguised As Gardening. An Introduction to Permaculture | Melissa Miles

A jam-packed introductory course designed to give you everything you need to become more self-reliant and start implementing permaculture in your own life now!

  • Learn the history, ethics, and¬†principles of permaculture
  • Grow your ecological and¬†pattern literacy¬†with integration activities
  • Gain a plethora of¬†resources¬†that Melissa has accumulated over 15+ years
  • Discover all the ins and outs of¬†designing¬†permaculture systems
The Complete Guide to Forming Communities | Stefan Verstappen

Take your freedom into your own hands, create mutual aid support, and survive the coming collapse.

  • Build your own services to prepare for when existing ones disappear
  • Secure a strong foundation for your community with Charters and By-Laws
  • Find out how to screen for psychopaths and avoid being overrun by the wrong people
  • Become self-sufficient, share knowledge, and support each other during the bad times
Homesteading On A Budget | John Bush & Rebecca Powers

John & Rebecca will show you how to use your current income, skills, and home to create lasting food security and abundance

  • Growing pounds of fresh, organic food to eat year-round whether you live in a 0.1-acre suburban home or cramped apartment
  • Buying high-quality food your family loves at bargain prices at select stores online and offline (where to shop, what to buy, tricks to use, and much more)
  • Strategically stocking and prepping enough food to feed you and your family during a blackout, riot, storm, or total economic disaster
  • Eliminating debt, slashing expenses, and cutting costs to have more money
4 Pillars to a successful community

If you or anyone you know has:

  • Fantasized about buying land and creating your own community or group homestead
  • ‚ÄúWindow shopped online‚ÄĚ for property and then sent it to your friends
  • Yearned for a group who shares interests, values, daily chores, and fun activities
  • Needing tangible action steps to get yourself and your group motivated¬†

Get this free module to The 5 Biggest Issues that Communities Face and the 4 Pillars to Success

Set Up Your Crypto Wallet in 4 Simple Steps | John Bush

Gain instant access to all the information you need to transact on up to 125 different blockchains.

  • Understand how crypto wallets work
  • Learn why Coinomi is the best wallet for both beginners and intermediate users
  • Find out how to set up your wallet safely and securely
  • Discover how to send and receive your first crypto transaction

Mobile Homestead Accelerator Workshop | Nomad Brad

Are you looking for FAST ways to live the homestead life ASAP without buying land or breaking the bank?

You'll learn:

  • The various options for mobile living¬†
  • How to chart a course throughout the United States¬†
  • Why investing in a vehicle and trailer for your stuff is the ideal starting point
  • How to mentally prepare yourself for the mobile lifestyle¬†
  • How Nomad Brad went from traveling the country in a van to living on 10 acres rent-free in just 2 months¬†¬†
  • How to use the ‚ÄúLaw of Leverage‚ÄĚ to quickly create YOUR ideal homesteading opportunity.
  • The single most powerful network of freedom-loving people on the planet¬†
  • How to live large with little¬†
  • Expert advice for living comfortably on the road¬†

Mastering the Art of Productive Laying Hens | Melissa Miles

If you’ve been thinking about starting or scaling a poultry operation, you probably have so many questions. You will find all the answers you need and more inside this practical course on raising hens.

  • Take control of your egg-dependence¬†and learn how to start a small-scale poultry opertain¬†
  • Keep happy laying hens,¬†and have an abundance of high-quality eggs for yourself and your community year round
  • Learn tools to¬†choose, secure and keep any breed or variety of poultry¬†so you can find ease, not stress with your hens
  • Brush up your poultry knowledge so that you can¬†be a poultry master



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