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From community-building to critical thinking, the AUTONOMY
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On this page, you will find a variety of courses and resources that provide the tools you’ll need to unshackle yourself and ascend to a life of freedom.

These resources will enable you to better understand yourself, entrepreneurship, community-building, critical thinking, finance, communication, and your sovereign rights.

*The Opinions Expressed In Agora Marketplace Are Not Necessarily Those Of AUTONOMY Or Richard Grove
AUTONOMY | Richard Grove

Everything you need for lifelong success taught in 12 weeks

  • Heighten your self-reliance, self-confidence, and self-esteem
  • Outgrow your current position and improve future career prospects
  • Present your ideas with a winning methodology (and be taken seriously)
  • Connect with a STRONG network of Independent, Self-Reliant, and Critical Thinking individuals from all over the world.
How To Know And Defend Your Rights | Michael Badnarik

Are you ready to see the US Constitution spring to life in dazzling clarity? It’s time to explore the difference between rights & privileges, with Michael Badnarik as your guide. 

  • Step back in time to The American Revolution and rediscover your passion for freedom
  • Get a deep look at the Bill of Rights and Constitution in granular detail
  • Find out exactly why much of what you think you know about the Constitution is wrong
  • Discover the true meaning of liberty and what it means to be free
Revolution Disguised As Gardening. An Introduction to Permaculture | Melissa Miles

A jam-packed introductory course designed to give you everything you need to become more self-reliant and start implementing permaculture in your own life now!

  • Learn the history, ethics, and¬†principles of permaculture
  • Grow your ecological and¬†pattern literacy¬†with integration activities
  • Gain a plethora of¬†resources¬†that Melissa has accumulated over 15+ years
  • Discover all the ins and outs of¬†designing¬†permaculture systems
Philosophy 101 with Jay Dyer

Want a BETTER way to study philosophy, gain wisdom, and defend yourself against the regime?

  • 12 lectures delivered by Jay Dyer
  • A survey of Western history and philosophers, from the pre-Socratics to the modern era ‚Äď INCLUDING influential thinkers excluded from the mainstream canon
  • Tools for applying wisdom and reason in your daily life: how to decode symbolism; decipher doublespeak; and debunk the lies all around you
  • An advantage over your ‚Äúopponents‚ÄĚ by understanding their viewpoint as well as they do (without adopting it)
The AUTONOMY Critical Thinking Trifecta Course

This is a mini-course to teach the basics of critical thinking and creative problem solving using the Trivium Method. 

  • Empower your life with the key to mastering new disciplines and opening new pathways to success.
  • Upgrade to a Growth Mindset and Boost Your Potential.
  • Enable resilience and success by using the power of the Trivium.
  • Develop discernment by questioning, confirming, and uncovering Truth.
The Trivium Method | Tony Myers

Learn The Trivium Method, as it was taught to Tony by Gene Odening, to train you in learning how to learn, and at the same time in how to think systematically in a logically valid way.

  • Discover the early history of the Trivium and concepts around applications
  • Learn the distinctions between what philosophy and science say about consciousness
  • Absorb the concepts that make up the study of Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric
  • Gain opportunities for ongoing Trivium education with community study groups
Tony Myers' Logic Course: A Primer in Intellectual Self-Defense

Explore the second art of the Trivium, Aristotelian (Formal) Logic, and develop intellectual self-defense against the onslaught of faulty beliefs and mis-information directed toward us on a daily basis.

  • Understand 30+ common "misbeliefs" (fallacies)¬†
  • Identify when incorrect information is being¬†told to you
  • ¬†Learn what "essential definition" is, and why it is so important in:
    1. Recognizing our unique abilities to think as human beings
    2. Our ability to discern reality 
  • Learn how definitions are changed to confuse people's understanding of reality
  • How definition changes gain control over people, and how to recognize and defend against it.
The Complete Guide to Forming Communities | Stefan Verstappen

Take your freedom into your own hands, create mutual aid support, and survive the coming collapse.

  • Build your own services to prepare for when existing ones disappear
  • Secure a strong foundation for your community with Charters and By-Laws
  • Find out how to screen for psychopaths and avoid being overrun by the wrong people
  • Become self-sufficient, share knowledge, and support each other during the bad times
7 Steps to Escape the Rat Race - WealthBattle.com

Become financially resilient and independent. The only way to truly live free is to have options available to you. This FREE offering will help you discover the path to financial freedom.

  • Learn how to go from working a job to being able to support yourself
  • Become resilient without trading large amounts of time for dollars
  • Learn how to budget and identify previously unseen opportunities
  • Discover how to ascend the pyramid and ESCAPE the rat race!
The Holistic Self Assessment | Derrick Broze

Identify and overcome your inconsistencies and live up to your highest potential. By doing so, you encourage and empower others to do the same, thereby creating a ripple across our world.

  • Become fully self-aware by digging deep to find what you value most
  • Identify what principles, goals, and habits are serving you and which ones aren‚Äôt
  • Hone in on your relationships and the positive or negative effects they have in your life
  • Get to the root of your inconsistencies and fears so you can transcend them!
PARRHESIA The world needs YOUR voice | Benny Wills

This immersive, hands-on training will empower you to unlock your voice and free your speech. Shatter your fear of speaking and be somebody people remember.

  • Learn how to capture interest, avoid arguments and build bridges
  • Navigate challenging conversations with people you care about
  • Gain lifetime access to the Parrhesia community
  • Unleash your artistry and elevate it to excellence!
Copywriting With Excellence | Kara Shepard-Poat

A self-paced course designed to teach you how to write compelling copy using ethical practices…and how to get your messages in front of the right people!

  • ¬†Take the guesswork out of your messaging by knowing how to conduct audience research
  • Understand the fundamental rules of copywriting so that you don‚Äôt muddy your messages
  • Learn how to build trust with your landing pages, emails, lead magnets, and more
  • Harness the secrets to writing compelling copy that leads your prospects to say YES
Homesteading On A Budget | John Bush & Rebecca Powers

John & Rebecca will show you how to use your current income, skills, and home to create lasting food security and abundance

  • Growing pounds of fresh, organic food to eat year-round whether you live in a 0.1-acre suburban home or cramped apartment
  • Buying high-quality food your family loves at bargain prices at select stores online and offline (where to shop, what to buy, tricks to use, and much more)
  • Strategically stocking and prepping enough food to feed you and your family during a blackout, riot, storm, or total economic disaster
  • Eliminating debt, slashing expenses, and cutting costs to have more money
How to Do Objective Research | Ryan Cristian

Thinking for yourself means leveling up from assumption.

In this course, learn Ryan's 7-step research method to do objective research and think for yourself!

Learn how to:

  • Objectively analyze the news to discern propaganda from information¬†
  • ¬†Ask the right questions and identify the right search terms to find the trail
  • Rid yourself of preconceived notions and biases blocking objectivity
  • Be comfortable if you come to the conclusion that you don‚Äôt know!
  • Track down source materials and combine your findings to come to your own conclusion
Set Up Your Crypto Wallet in 4 Simple Steps | John Bush

Gain instant access to all the information you need to transact on up to 125 different blockchains.

  • Understand how crypto wallets work
  • Learn why Coinomi is the best wallet for both beginners and intermediate users
  • Find out how to set up your wallet safely and securely
  • Discover how to send and receive your first crypto transaction
Mass Media: A History | James Corbett

This course is a philosophical exploration of the meaning of the word "media". We explore the relationship between technology and society. How do we structure it, and how does it structure us? 

The relationship between media and power. An incredibly important topic.

The question: What IS The News? Where did the concept of The News come from? How has it changed? How will it change?

  • Gain¬†deep knowledge of media and power
  • Understand the past, present, and future of media.
  • ¬†Explore¬† the relationship between technology and society
  • Downloadable video, audio and transcripts of over 6 hours of lecture
Comic Pros & Comic Cons: A Creators Guide to Making Comics | Anthony Summey

‚ö°ÔłŹLearn How To Draw, Publish, & Market Your Own Comic Book Art‚ö°ÔłŹ

This 15 week course will give you all the tools necessary to create and market your comics. For every level of creator.

32+ modules from the basics of comic book creation, to advanced comic book skills

  • Create captivating stories and art
  • Practice the fundamental skills every comic creator must know
  • Learn how to authentically market yourself and your work
Strings of Freedom | Jordan Page

This is a beginner course to help you master the fundamental of playing guitar like a pro. 

  • Understand how¬†the fundamentals will help you master the guitar
  • Practical lessons to help you¬†learn and practice guitar
  • Get your¬†inner music into the world
  • Advance your guitar skills faster¬†

SEO Copywriting Course: Writing Copy that Drives Free Traffic from Search Engines | Rawad Nassif

In this masterclass, Rawad will show you the exact advanced techniques professional SEO copywriters use. At the end of it, you will have gained the confidence and know-how to start your own blog and monetize it or write for a paying client as soon as you graduate!

  1. Learn simple yet advanced techniques
  2. Interact live with the instructor or learn at your own pace
  3. Get feedback on your work
  4. Publish your 1st SEO article (if you you want)
  5. Earn your certificate
  6. Upgrade your income
  7. Become more proud of yourself
Mental-Emotional Kung Fu | Darrell Becker

Are you tired of wasting attention and time thinking about interpersonal conflicts in your personal and professional life? Learn to use the knowledge of your own and anyone’s motives to create win/win situations. 

  • Create mutual understanding and lasting agreements.
  • Create productive interactions, even with ‚Äúchallenging people‚ÄĚ.
  • Learn the methods to flip any heated argument into a productive discussion.¬†
  • Develop¬†mental and emotional balance in your¬†life
4 Pillars to a successful community | Groundingyourvillage.com

If you or anyone you know has:

  • Fantasized about buying land and creating your own community or group homestead
  • ‚ÄúWindow shopped online‚ÄĚ for property and then sent it to your friends
  • Yearned for a group who shares interests, values, daily chores, and fun activities
  • Needing tangible action steps to get yourself and your group motivated¬†

Get this free module to The 5 Biggest Issues that Communities Face and the 4 Pillars to Success

Test Drive Your Future | Jim & Beth Hood

Test drive your future is a way for young adults choose a career path with confidence.

This course gives you a chance to test a possible career path before investing your precious resources- time and money- into pursuing it.

  • Gain concrete understanding of your future in this 12-module course
  • Choose a career path with confidence, clarity, and purpose‚Ķ
  • Choose a path that will¬†inspire and fuel you for years to come¬†(emotionally and financially)¬†
  • Won't leave you in debt for next 30 years...
The AUTONOMY Mindset & Goal Setting Course | Richard Grove

Create positive momentum in your life by taking action. Mindset Lecture & Goal Setting Course (+4hrs!)


  • An AUTONOMY¬†Mindset¬†presentation by¬†Richard Grove
  • The¬†AUTONOMY¬†framework for formulating and reaching your goals
  • Replay of audience¬†Q&A¬†with¬†Richard¬†Grove
  • Recording of Small group¬†goal-setting sessions¬†with AUTONOMY students
  • AUTONOMY Goal-Setting Workbook¬†to map out your plan
Harnessing the Power of ChatGPT and the Trivium Method | Joshua Hale

In just 2 hours, you will learn how to use ChatGPT and the Trivium Method to create high-quality content and research. 

  • How Set Up Your Own¬†ChatBot
  • AI tools to speed up your research
  • Downloadable Chat GPT¬†AI Prompt Cheat Sheet
  • The Basics¬†of General Grammar, Aristilion Logic, and Classical Rhetoric

The Homesteading on a Budget Workshop | Live Free Academy

Use your current income, skills, and home to create lasting food security and abundance.

Discover proven methods for-

  • Growing pounds of fresh, organic food to eat year-round whether you live in a 0.1-acre suburban home or cramped apartment
  • Buying high-quality food your family loves at bargain prices at select stores online and offline (where to shop, what to buy, tricks to use, and much more)
  • Strategically stocking and prepping enough food to feed you and your family during a blackout, riot, storm, or total economic disaster
  • Eliminating debt, slashing expenses, and cutting costs to have more money and freedom

Mobile Homestead Accelerator Workshop | Nomad Brad

Are you looking for FAST ways to live the homestead life ASAP without buying land or breaking the bank?

You'll learn:

  • The various options for mobile living¬†
  • How to mentally prepare yourself for the mobile lifestyle¬†
  • How Nomad Brad went from traveling the country in a van to living on 10 acres rent-free in just 2 months¬†¬†
  • How to use the ‚ÄúLaw of Leverage‚ÄĚ to quickly create YOUR ideal homesteading opportunity.
  • The single most powerful network of freedom-loving people on the planet¬†
  • How to live large with little¬†
  • Expert advice for living comfortably on the road¬†

Mastering the Art of Productive Laying Hens | Melissa Miles

If you’ve been thinking about starting or scaling a poultry operation, you probably have so many questions. You will find all the answers you need and more inside this practical course on raising hens.

  • Take control of your egg-dependence¬†and learn how to start a small-scale poultry opertain¬†
  • Keep happy laying hens,¬†and have an abundance of high-quality eggs for yourself and your community year round
  • Learn tools to¬†choose, secure and keep any breed or variety of poultry¬†so you can find ease, not stress with your hens
  • Brush up your poultry knowledge so that you can¬†be a poultry master

The Seeds of Change | AccelerationS.org

Want to understand the LAW and have more self-governance? This course is designed to help you create a code of responsibility to live by. You will gain more autonomy and knowledge.

  • Get a firm understanding of reality vs fiction
  • A deep look on law, rights and how to uphold them
  • Create your law profile‚ÄĒyour roadmap to self-governance


  • 10 Modules on law & responsibility
  • 10+ hours of Video lessons
  • Unique exercises to help you know yourself and the laws you wish to live by

How to Protect Yourself from Microwave Radiation Warefare | Corey Haag

Learn about the real health impacts due to man-made radiation, which EMF sources to be most concerned about, and how to limit exposure. 


Cloud-hosting for Beginners: Build your own de-centralized system. 

You'll gain the skills and knowledge to create and manage your cloud server confidently.

You'll get:
  • Step-by-step instructions¬†and hands-on exercises
  • Confidence¬†and practical knowledge¬†to¬†start build your own private server.
  • Cut through the learning curve¬†and start cloud hosting now!
  • Revolutionize¬†your data storage and management capabilities

Learn where, how, and what to do to take control of your data storage and management! 

They don't teach you this stuff in school.


Your Health Blueprint Early Bird

Ready to understand what YOU need to achieve optimal health, and how to build your choices around your Health Blueprint?

You’ll discover:

  • The deep role of the unseen, non-physical (spiritual) on your health and life in every moment.¬†
  • Deeper awareness of personally limiting/enslaving domestication/¬†program-ming (inherent to society by transcend-able).
  • Intro and Deeper understanding of your personal shadow and shadow work.