Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally, understanding the logical connection between ideas and uncovering TRUTH.

The AUTONOMY Critical Thinking Trifecta Course

This is a mini-course to teach the basics of critical thinking and creative problem solving using the Trivium Method. 

  • Empower your life with the key to mastering new disciplines and opening new pathways to success.
  • Upgrade to a Growth Mindset and Boost Your Potential.
  • Enable resilience and success by using the power of the Trivium.
  • Develop discernment by questioning, confirming, and uncovering Truth.
The Trivium Method | Tony Myers

Learn The Trivium Method, as it was taught to Tony by Gene Odening, to train you in learning how to learn, and at the same time in how to think systematically in a logically valid way.

  • Discover the early history of the Trivium and concepts around applications
  • Learn the distinctions between what philosophy and science say about consciousness
  • Absorb the concepts that make up the study of Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric
  • Gain opportunities for ongoing Trivium education with community study groups
Tony Myers' Logic Course: A Primer in Intellectual Self-Defense

Explore the second art of the Trivium, Aristotelian (Formal) Logic, and develop intellectual self-defense against the onslaught of faulty beliefs and mis-information directed toward us on a daily basis.

  • Understand 30+ common "misbeliefs" (fallacies) 
  • Identify when incorrect information is being told to you
  •  Learn what "essential definition" is, and why it is so important in:
    1. Recognizing our unique abilities to think as human beings
    2. Our ability to discern reality 
  • Learn how definitions are changed to confuse people's understanding of reality
  • How definition changes gain control over people, and how to recognize and defend against it.