Develop effective communication skills for personal and professional relationships.

The Holistic Self Assessment | Derrick Broze

Identify and overcome your inconsistencies and live up to your highest potential. By doing so, you encourage and empower others to do the same, thereby creating a ripple across our world.

  • Become fully self-aware by digging deep to find what you value most
  • Identify what principles, goals, and habits are serving you and which ones aren’t
  • Hone in on your relationships and the positive or negative effects they have in your life
  • Get to the root of your inconsistencies and fears so you can transcend them!
PARRHESIA The world needs YOUR voice | Benny Wills

This immersive, hands-on training will empower you to unlock your voice and free your speech. Shatter your fear of speaking and be somebody people remember.

  • Learn how to capture interest, avoid arguments and build bridges
  • Navigate challenging conversations with people you care about
  • Gain lifetime access to the Parrhesia community
  • Unleash your artistry and elevate it to excellence!
Mental-Emotional Kung Fu | Darrell Becker

Are you tired of wasting attention and time thinking about interpersonal conflicts in your personal and professional life? Learn to use the knowledge of your own and anyone’s motives to create win/win situations. 

  • Create mutual understanding and lasting agreements.
  • Create productive interactions, even with “challenging people”.
  • Learn the methods to flip any heated argument into a productive discussion. 
  • Develop mental and emotional balance in your life
AUTONOMY | Richard Grove

Everything you need for lifelong success taught in 12 weeks

  • Heighten your self-reliance, self-confidence, and self-esteem
  • Outgrow your current position and improve future career prospects
  • Present your ideas with a winning methodology (and be taken seriously)
  • Connect with a STRONG network of Independent, Self-Reliant, and Critical Thinking individuals from all over the world.