The Complete Guide to Forming Communities with Stefan Verstappen

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The Complete Guide to Forming Communities brings you over 40 lessons packed full of ideas, plans, and tools to help you organize into mutual support communities.

You will learn all the ins and outs of:

The History of Mutual Aid

From tribes and monasteries to spiritual communities and hippy communes, discover which communities failed, which ones thrived, and why.

How to Start a Mutual Aid Group

Learn what you need to take into account when starting a group, including screening, common values, rites of passage, and more.

Legal Structure

Learn the 3 main types of legal structures a mutual aid group can take as well the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Charters, By-Laws, and Meeting Protocols

Build a strong foundation and avoid being overrun by the wrong people with a mission statement, confidentiality, voting, commitment, and more.

Financial Communities

How to provide financial aid and services to members and charity relief to surrounding communities with lending circles, gifting circles, giving circles, hardship aid, and more.

Home and Health Communities

Support groups, health insurance co-operatives, retirement homes, homeschooling groups, homeless shelters, gardening co-ops, food co-ops, and more.

Disaster Preparedness Communities

Learn how to establish a home base, organize a citizen volunteer search and rescue, or set up a neighborhood watch citizen patrol.

Survivalist Communities

How to support each other with shelter, nourishment, medical, communications, security, establishing preparedness levels, creating safe houses, and more.

You’ll also receive detailed PDF handouts for each section and more than 10 bonus videos, including How to Survive Martial Law, the Urban Survival Emergency Kit, and How to Spot Lies and Deception. Along with my new 400-page manual soon to be released.

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