Tony Myers' Logic Course:

A Primer in Intellectual Self-Defense


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Explore the second art of the Trivium, Aristotelian (Formal) Logic, and develop intellectual self-defense against the onslaught of fallacies and mis-information directed toward individuals on a daily basis.


What you'll get:

  • Over 30+ Fallacies to help you identify when incorrect information is being communicated to you, and how to combat it.
  • A primer in essential definition, and why an essential definition is so important in both recognizing our unique cognitive capacity as human beings, and our ability to discern reality by grasping the universal as part of a concept's definition.
  • You'll learn how definitions are changed in order to confuse people's understanding of reality to gain control over them, and how to recognize and defend against it.


The course consists of a group of inquiring students exploring Logical Fallacies and Essential Definition with Tony Myers.

Together we explore the most important fallacies to develop intellectual self-defense, and definition to better discern truth from falsehood in reality, and how the powers that be are using our ignorance of logic against us.

The course consists of 7 lectures by Tony Myers, where he uses videos, podcasts, books etc., throughout the lecture to help instantiate the concepts presented therein for the students.

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