Calling All Independent Thinkers!

Everything You Need to Know to Transform Cognitive Dissonance Into Cognitive Resistance

The best time to develop intellectual self-defense is NOW.


The Trivium Method with Tony Meyers will show you how to:

Develop tools to become a truly Independent Thinker

Dispel illusions surrounding difficult concepts

Fully internalize the arts of the mind - Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric

Organize speech and grammar for maximum effectiveness in communication

Did your education really prepare you to think for yourself, using an objective method to discern truth from lies?

You may think you have a complete education…

Or you may wonder whether the way you’ve been taught actually leads to understanding.

Perhaps you’re noticing how language is being deliberately manipulated to disassociate logic from reality?

“Literacy is a form of slavery, until a method of critical thinking is consistently applied by the reader; only then does reading become an educational experience. Prior to that method being implemented, reading is indoctrination – to ideas which you have no cognitive resistance.” – Richard Grove, host of Grand Theft World & founder of AUTONOMY

Is it possible to reason your way through today’s relentless media manipulation?

It is!


taught by Tony Meyers

There are four in-depth lectures associated with this package:

LESSON 1: A Discussion on Cognition and Consciousness

Preliminary discussion and overview of consciousness as defined by philosophy; uncover the basic history of the Trivium’s development and learn the three components which make up the Trivium Method.

LESSON 2: General Grammar

Learn the connection between abstractions, concepts, terms, and words to the reality we experience, and the categories we utilize in the pursuit of understanding and communicating phenomena.

LESSON 3: Formal Logic

Learn how we organize a given body of knowledge, or general grammar, into non-contradictory associations and their relationship to cause and effect and truth.

LESSON 4: Classical Rhetoric

Learn the three appeals we utilize when explaining our knowledge to other people, and the canons of compositions, or methods of organizing speech and grammar for maximum effectiveness in communication.


  • A method to train the mind to think and learn systematically
  • Knowledge, understanding and wisdom applied to specific universal truths
  • A strong sense of conviction in allowing the truth to surface, even in the face of adversity
  • Tools to become an independent thinker
  • Build self-esteem and the ability to face resistance in argumentation

Learn how to organize a given body of knowledge into non-contradictory associations and their relationship to cause and effect and TRUTH.


Logic Professor Tony Meyers will guide you through the method of critical thinking which leads to an understanding of how the subjects apply holistically to the natural human capacities for learning and understanding, integrating these three functions so as to be able to learn any subject matter for oneself, providing for a greater sense of self-confidence, satisfaction, and autonomy.


“The Junto” Logic Study Group Recordings: further exploration and discussion of Gene Odening’s teachings

The Trivium Compendium: an interactive PDF with an outline for advanced study; quickly reference a given concept

Applications in Early Education and Homeschooling: learn how to cultivate a lifestyle of learning individually tailored to your unique child and circumstances


Apply the Trivium Method and defend your mind in real-world situations.

For all ages and stages - the best time to learn the trivium is NOW!