Is There A Division Between Who You Are And Who You Aspire To Be?

Embark on a journey towards healing, empowerment, and self-actualization with The Holistic Self-Assessment


The Holistic Self-Assessment with Derek Broze will enable you to:

Live in alignment with your thoughts, feelings, and actions

Discover your limiting beliefs, habits, and traumas

Learn to let go and grow beyond the things that keep you where you are

Examine your whole being with openness, compassion, and patience.


“I had tremendous growth from these concepts and from sharing them with others; it’s very tangible, easy to examine and understand. I got a ton of value from it.”
—Joshua Hale, Co-Founder & CEO of Autonomy Unlimited

Do you struggle with the pain of not living up to your highest potential?

Are you overwhelmed battling the doubts, insecurities, and inconsistencies in your life?

You’re not alone.

Confronting uncomfortable truths about ourselves is challenging. Most don’t even try. 

In order to make progress and reach self-actualization, it’s time to face those uncomfortable truths. It’s time to begin the work.


The Holistic Self-Assessment Online Course with Derrick Broze

The keys to unlocking your potential are right here in this course, which includes:

  • 9 Self-Paced Modules
    • Lessons taught by Derrick
    • Engaging, informative Q&A (pre-recorded)
    • Exercises and Action Plans
  • A Free Copy of the Companion Book, Holistic Self-Assessment
  • Lifetime access for continued growth

The proven techniques in this program will help bring who you are and who you want to be into alignment.

Join Derrick Broze as he guides you through the transformative principles outlined in his book. Together, you will take his work to the next level:

  • Identify and overcome doubts and inconsistencies
  • Take responsibility for your own physical, mental, and spiritual development
  • Get to the root causes of your pain and fear
  • Reclaim your thoughts and emotions
  • Actualize the highest version of yourself

“The Holistic Self Assessment was very transformative for me. It helped me to look at different areas of my life, like some of the habits and people around me. I’m so grateful for this course and the way it has enabled me to not just look at these parts of my life, but to take conscious steps to change the things that are no longer serving me.”
—Kara Shepard-Poat, Lead Copywriter for Autonomy Unlimited


Holistic Self Assessment


You Are Worth It


When you take this step to follow the Holistic Self-Assessment, you will be one step closer to reaching your full potential, much faster than trying to do this work on your own.

Take advantage of an experienced tour guide on the journey towards healing, empowerment, and self-actualization!