The Seeds of Change:

A Course on Self- Governance, Law & Responsibility 

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How are we supposed to live by a code we do not understand

Although we live on this planet, most of us do not understand the legal system, or the "LAW" as the men and women of the legal society and society at large likes to call it.

Is it possible to make the laws ourselves?

The answer is yes.

If you know who you are, what law really is, how to set the law, and how to uphold the law, you can create the law. This is the act of self-governance.

Self-governance is key to correcting the record of that which has been done on this planet.

This is a course in self responsibility;

Understanding the LAW, as defined by the men & women of the legal society, helps you find self-governance. This is because you cannot live with a code of which you don’t understand. And you cannot create your own laws without understanding those in place by society.

What to expect in this course:

Get a firm understanding of reality vs fiction

A deep look on law, rights and how to uphold them

Create your law profile—your roadmap to self-governance


10 Modules on law & responsibility

10+ hours of Video lessons

Unique exercises to help you know yourself and the laws you wish to live by

Those of mankind that have made a difference on this planet started on their own. We can liken them to a single seed of change that was pure in intent, single mined in their thought, and relentless in their pursuit.

You too can bloom from a single seed into a green island.

WARNING! This course may give you ground-breaking results such as:

  1. More autonomy,
  2. A better way to defend yourself from the courts, 
  3. A better understanding of self. 

Expand your knowledge; Accelerate your evolution.

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