Want a BETTER way to study philosophy, gain wisdom, and defend yourself against the regime?


Philosophy 101 with Jay Dyer

This is not your father’s philosophy…

This online course will empower you to ask better questions, get better answers, and take ownership of your thinking so it’s not done for you.

Philosophy 101 with Jay Dyer delivers:

Engaging “takes” that are a refreshing change from stale legacy curriculum

A university-caliber course presented in true Jay Dyer style - witty, relatable, practical

A deep understanding of philosophical principles and how they relate to your everyday life

Tools that teach you to recognize if someone is scamming, lying, or duping you

How to analyze and cross-examine a piece of propaganda - from art to media to academia


“As a follower of Jay Dyer’s work, I can say he’s raised the bar into outer space with this course. Jay’s knowledge is in-depth, and his delivery is both entertaining and engaging… I feel empowered to engage with the dominant ideas of the day.”
—Nick H, Philosophy 101 student

Don’t Be a Boring-Ass Rock… Empower Yourself with Wisdom!

Those who go through the motions of life, weighted down by materialism and base pleasures, are the inconsequential NPCs of the world. Boring-ass rocks. And YOU are not one of those, are you?

The examined life is the only one worth living…

Not in a stuffy, dreary, navel-gazing way. Nope. Instead, Jay throws back the curtain with his trademark wit, pioneering a BETTER way to study philosophy.

Philosophy is for everyone and it applies to ALL areas of life, no matter your interests or profession.

Thinking like a philosopher will give you an advantage in any circumstance. It’s no coincidence that the elite scientists, theologians, economists, lawyers, and mathematicians throughout history were also philosophers.

Philosophy 101 is an on-demand digital course that includes:

  • 12 lectures delivered by Jay Dyer 
  • 12 pre-recorded Q&A sessions for deeper exploration 
  • Distinguished guest presenters 
  • Recommended reading 
  • Supplemental resources for deeper integration

This is a college-level introduction to philosophy, where you’ll receive:

  • A survey of Western history and philosophers, from the pre-Socratics to the modern era – INCLUDING influential thinkers excluded from the mainstream canon
  • Tools for applying wisdom and reason in your daily life: how to decode symbolism; decipher doublespeak; and debunk the lies all around you
  • An advantage over your “opponents” by understanding their viewpoint as well as they do (without adopting it)
  • An autonomous approach to studying philosophy and gaining wisdom
  • A deep understanding of the nature of reality and what it means to be truly wise

Don’t be a boring-ass rock – get in here and get educated!


There are TWO paths you can take access this valuable content:


$1197 $997

Pre-recorded on-demand digital course that includes:

  • 12 lectures delivered by Jay Dyer (20+ hrs!)
  • 12 pre-recorded Q&A sessions for deeper exploration
  • Distinguished guest presenters
  • Recommended reading
  • Supplemental resources for deeper integration
  • Lifetime Access


$1997 $1497

UPGRADE: Live Weekly Tutoring with Jay Dyer

  • 12 lectures delivered by Jay Dyer (20+ hrs!)
  • 12 LIVE Q&A sessions with Jay Dyer (3+ hours of LIVE tutoring each week!)
  • Distinguished guest presenters 
  • Recommended reading
  • Supplemental resources for deeper integration
  • Lifetime Access

This package is your chance for live, exclusive access to Jay Dyer as he guides you through his university-caliber course STARTING SPRING OF 2023!


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Presenting an innovative, accessible approach to the study of philosophy. Gain fluency and understanding of philosophical principles, and how they relate to your everyday life.

You will develop skills and tools that allow you to cross-examine the propaganda that surrounds you, and defend yourself against it. 

The goal is not simply to accumulate data and knowledge. The goal of this journey is for you to develop wisdom - the virtuous, appropriate application of knowledge at the right time, and in the right way.

“If you are looking to gain a foundational understanding of the principles of reality, knowledge, and values based on logical reasoning, Jay Dyer's Philosophy 101 course is outstanding. Jay provides a fresh take that is both engaging & entertaining, imparting insight and understanding of the classics.”
—JL, Philosophy 101 student

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