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Harnessing the Power of ChatGPT and the Trivium Method

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What you'll get:

  • Video Presentations
  • Examples of Real Research with ChatGPT
  • How Set Up Your Own ChatBot
  • AI tools to speed up your research
  • Downloadable Chat GPT AI Prompt Cheat Sheet
  • The Basics of General Grammar, Aristilion Logic, and Classical Rhetoric
  • Plus Bonus Mini Trivium Method Course

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What Else People Are Saying:

As a newbie to ChatGPT, I found exceptional value in the course. It took me a minute to navigate the interface of the course, but after that I was able to work through it. Very informative with just the right pacing, I was able to enjoy the course and take in the information presented. As I'm building out two courses as well as a grant application, this new resource may come in handy. I'd recommend this course, as it moves from a first exposure to ChatGPT into effectively working the program. Integrating the Trivium is a nice value-added touch, as it will help filtrate the inconsistencies within the AI. Well done, Joshua!

Danny Lilly

As a borderline Luddite I was a bit hesitant to check out this course but now, having gone through it. I must say, I'm so impressed! This is a must have point of view when it comes to understanding ChatGPT -M.N.

Michael N.

Harnessing the Power of ChatGPT and the Trivium Method course was an eye-opener for me! It was well-organized, and easy to follow, and the instructor delivered the course material really well. The pace was just right and I found the course material relevant to my professional goals. I would definitely recommend this course to others, especially if they are looking to acquire a new skill set.

Samantha A.

I had a fantastic experience taking this course and was amazed by the many uses of chatGPT. The instructor delivered a fast-paced and well-structured presentation, starting with a hands-on experience with the chatbot and logically expanding to include real-world examples. The cheat sheet and verb list were incredibly helpful and the external videos added additional depth to the material. The course broke down barriers for me to try chatGPT in my field and I am eager to use it for future assessments. This offering arrived at the perfect time and will save users valuable time and effort in their own research. Advanced users may appreciate the unique approach combining AI with the Trivium method to effectively control the output. I had a blast proceeding though this course.

Pius K.