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Jay Dyer's Philosophy 101 **DIY**

Presenting an innovative, accessible approach to the study of philosophy.

Gain fluency and understanding of philosophical principles, and how they relate to your everyday life. 

This 12-week online course covers:

  • Engaging “takes” that are a refreshing change from legacy curricula, delivered in true Jay Dyer style

  • A survey of Western history and philosophers, from the pre-Socratics to the modern era - including influential thinkers who are restricted from legacy curricula

  • How to develop the mark of an “educated man” by understanding an opposing viewpoint without adopting it; train yourself to recognize a good or bad argument, regardless of the person making it

  • Develop tools that allow you to be cross-examine the influences surrounding you, from academia to media

  • Gain the advantage of knowing your opponent’s viewpoint at least as well as they do - and utilize that advantage in all areas of life

“The examined life is the only one worth living”...


NPC’s throughout the ages have chosen to go through the motions without seeking wisdom or understanding.

For those who are awake, this course will take you on a journey…

From an introductory understanding of philosophy to a deep knowledge of western history, you will develop skills and tools that allow you to cross-examine the propaganda that surrounds you.

The goal is not simply to accumulate data and knowledge.

The goal of this journey is for you to develop wisdom - the virtuous, appropriate application of knowledge, at the right time, and in the right way.

What People Are Saying:

If you are looking to gain foundational understanding of the principles of reality, knowledge and values based on logical reasoning, Jay Dyer's Philosophy 101 course is outstanding. Jay provides a fresh take that is both engaging & entertaining, imparting insight and understanding of the classics.


As a follower of Jay's work for well over a year now, I can say he's raised the bar into outer space for this course. Jay's knowledge is in-depth, and his delivery is both entertaining and engaging. I find myself thoroughly at ease during Jay's explanations of complex concepts and his ability to tie millennia-old philosophical musings to contemporary events is second to none. My grasp on why we are where we are in history is much stronger and I feel empowered to engage with the dominant ideas of the day.

Nick H.