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The AUTONOMY Mindset & Goal Setting Course

Richard Grove's University Of Reason presents...

EXCLUSIVE! AUTONOMY Mindset Lecture & Goal Setting Course (+4hrs!)


Create positive momentum in your life by taking action.

Join us for lecture with Richard Grove and Leaders of the AUTONOMY community.

Activities will include:

  • An AUTONOMY Mindset presentation by Richard Grove

  • The AUTONOMY framework for formulating and reaching your goals

  • Replay of audience Q&A with Richard Grove

  • Recording of Small group goal-setting sessions with AUTONOMY students

  • AUTONOMY Goal-Setting Workbook to map out your plan

  • Downloads of the PowerPoint slides

  • FREE Trifecta Course on Critical Thinking & Creative Problem Solving course

“You either learn your way towards writing your own script in life, or you unwittingly become an actor in someone else’s script.”

—John Taylor Gatto

What People Are Saying:

Autonomy has given me the tools to make my goals become reality. The spectrum of providing solutions has broadened, so much that I have been able to schedule my time for success and remove the once-abundant obstacles that weren't moving me toward my goals. Life is now becoming more productive and fulfilling.

Dayna D.