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Critical Thinking Bundle

Includes these three courses at a bundled price:

Total Value of these 3 Courses: $697

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The Trivium Method with Tony Myers thumbnail

The Trivium Method with Tony Myers ($197 value)

  • Learn the basic history of the Trivium's development 
  • The differences between the Classical Trivium and The Trivium Method.
  • Learn the three subjects that make up The Trivium Method,
  • The principles and attributes associated with each subject
  • Resources for further exploration of each subject matter.

Tony Myers' Logic Course: A Primer in Intellectual Self-Defense thumbnail

Tony Myers' Logic Course: A Primer in Intellectual Self-Defense ($297 value) 

Explore the second art of the Trivium, Aristotelian (Formal) Logic, and develop intellectual self-defense against the onslaught of fallacies and mis-information directed toward individuals on a daily basis.

The AUTONOMY Critical Thinking Trifecta Course thumbnail

The AUTONOMY Critical Thinking Trifecta Course ($197 value) 

This is a mini-course to teach the basics of critical thinking and creative problem solving using the Trivium Method. The Trivium Method is usually described "Grammar/Logic/Rhetoric" which can be confusing for some students; we use the "Input/Processing/Output" and "Individual Parts/How they Fit Together/How to Use" and "Knolwedge/Understanding/Wisdom" phrases to tease out the most of the methodology. In this mini-course, AUTONOMY Navigator Richard Grove is joined by filmmaker and researcher Paul Verge to unfold this uber-valuable offering of wisdom.

What People Are Saying:

At a loss of words to say other than I'm seeing now how I was a victim of the public school system. It was nothing but babysitting.

Kenneth Wallace on "May This Guide Serve You Well"

17 1/2 years of indoctrination for me but I got out and now I have to help get my family together to see that there is a better life than what 'they' want for us. I know God has a plan and I would much rather follow HIS plan!!! My goal is to build a family reunion campground with life skills education. I've started with building gardens and growing food. I have felt a tremendous amount of push back when it comes to FAMILY as if it were a taboo just like talking about money and sex and all these other things that we're not to talk about. Thank you for all your good work to enlighten men and women ... I really appreciate your perspective and huge knowledge and insights!!!

Patricia Ryan on "The Underground History of America | Richard Grove w/ Foster Gamble"

Unbelievable! Eye opener. Bravo Richard. I've watched it five times so far and still i find new info every time.

Anthony George on "The Ultimate History Lesson A Weekend with John Taylor Gatto Hour 2 of 5"