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The Trivium Method- with Tony Myers

Unleash the Trivium Method of Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving

What you'll get:

  • Learn the basic history of the Trivium's development 
  • The differences between the Classical Trivium and The Trivium Method.
  • Learn the three subjects that make up The Trivium Method,
  • The principles and attributes associated with each subject
  • Resources for further exploration of each subject matter.

Altogether, there are four lectures associated with this package:

LESSON 1) Consciousness & Cognition; A Discussion on Consciousness & Grammer:

Learn the axiomatic principles on which The Trivium Method and philosophy in general are based and its relationship to how we understand and describe the phenomena we experience in the world.

LESSON 2) General Grammer; A Discussion on General Grammar:

Learn the connection between abstractions, concepts, terms, and words to the reality we experience, and the categories we utilize in the pursuit of understanding and communicating phenomena.

LESSON 3) Formal Logic; A Discussion on Formal Logic:

Learn how we organize a given body of knowledge, or general grammar, into non-contradictory associations and their relationship to cause and effect and truth.

LESSON 4) Classical Rhetoric; A Discussion on Classical Rhetoric:

Learn the three appeals we utilize when explaining our knowledge to other people, and the canons of compositions, or methods of organizing speech and grammar for maximum effectiveness in communication.

**Upon completion of this course:

You will have an understanding of how the subjects apply holistically to the natural human capacities for learning and understanding, integrating these three functions so as to be able to learn any subject matter for oneself, providing for a greater sense of self-confidence, satisfaction, and autonomy. 

Comes with the following resources:

1) The Trivium Compendium;

A interactive PDF document with all of the resources we used at T&H and Autonomy to learn the Trivium, including the resources provided by Gene Odening, the individual that first presented the Trivium to our community.

2) The Trivium; Applications in Early Education and Homeschooling.

A four and a half hour comprehensive presentation, including Q/A, exploring how to use the principles of The Trivium Method in homeschooling environments to develop unique curriculums individually tailored and personalized to your child's unique learning circumstances and interests.