Concerned about the health effects of man-made microwave radiation?


How to Protect Yourself From Microwave Radiation 

With Corey Haag

Learn about the real health impacts due to man-made radiation, which EMF sources to be most concerned about, and how to limit exposure.

This course  will give you:

Expert Knowledge: 

With 12+ years of independent research on the effects of microwave radiation, Corey Haag is an expert in the field.

He'll share his knowledge with you through 2+ hours of lectures and Q&A sessions.

Additional Resources:

In addition to the course content, you'll receive a free zine with Corey's research and sources.

You'll also get access to additional resources to help you protect yourself from microwave radiation.

The Ability to Protect your Health:

By understanding the effects of microwave radiation and how to limit your exposure, you'll be able to protect your health and well-being.

You'll also learn about the protection stone, Shungite, and how it can help shield you from radiation.

Stay Safe in a Wireless World: Learn how to Protect Yourself from Microwave Radiation.



Manmade microwave radiation is pervasive, constant and all-around us...

This course will help you protect yourself.

You'll gain valuable insights into the world of microwave radiation warfare and learn how to minimize your exposure, detox your body, and protect yourself from the negative effects.

The first step is awareness...

About your instructor:

Corey Haag is an author, researcher, and army veteran with a passion for personal freedom and the potential of the human race.

He has become an expert in EMR and Microwave Radiation after a decade of research and study.

Corey is also a public speaker on various topics, including Microwave Radiation Warfare and The Vaccine Deception.

What you'll learn in "How to Protect Yourself From Microwave Radiation" :

  •  Differences between cosmic radiation and man-made radiation and why you should care

  • What the government won't tell you about the radiation in cell phones, Bluetooth devices, and smart meters

  • How to limit your exposure and detox your body

  • The effects of chronic radiation on the body and medical implants

  • A deep dive into the world of Microwave Radiation Warfare

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