Want to start or scale a chicken flock?

Get Egg-stravagant Results: Master the Art of Productive Laying Hens

Learn all you need to know to build and scale up a healthy, productive poultry flock.

This laying hen course will teach you:

How to plan and start a small-scale poultry operation

Strategies to keep your flock healthy

Poultry-keeping best practices and biosecurity

How to scale and market your poultry products legally

All the poultry basics that will help you have a successful flock

Eggs are becoming increasingly in demand, be part of the supply!


Egg shortages, high prices, bad quality, questionable farming practices…

Let’s face it, our egg supply is tied to external forces. And when large, industrial flocks become subject to a problem like avian flu, we all pay. Plus many big corporations have ethically questionable practices for their hens that you don’t agree with.

You don’t have to rely on someone else for your eggs. Keeping your own flock means having a reliable source of fresh eggs.

Are you ready to learn how to raise hens so they are actually productive?

  • Take control of your egg-dependence and learn how to start a small-scale poultry opertain 
  • Keep happy laying hens, and have an abundance of high-quality eggs for yourself and your community year round
  • Learn tools to choose, secure and keep any breed or variety of poultry so you can find ease, not stress with your hens
  • Brush up your poultry knowledge so that you can be a poultry master
  • Be part of the supply for high-quality, ethical eggs as soon as you want to start profiting from your laying hens

Learning how to care for laying hens can be overwhelming, so don’t go into it blind…

Save yourself YEARS of trial and error so you can implement practical, proven systems from the get-go…


Egg-stravagant Results: Mastering the Art of Productive Laying Hens

With Melissa Miles

If you’ve been thinking about starting or scaling a poultry operation, you probably have so many questions. You will find all the answers you need and more inside this practical course on raising hens.

Enroll now to benefit from the wisdom of an experienced practitioner.

About your instructor:

Melissa has been raising poultry and other livestock for over 25 years. She has experience keeping geese, guineafowl, ducks, and chickens. Melissa currently raises laying flocks of chickens and ducks, as well as pastured meat birds on an 8-ac permaculture homestead, Persnickety Farm, where she sells poultry products and vegetables to local customers.

Melissa has broken down her 25 years of experience into 9-modules with countless resources all in one place!

Course includes:

  • 9 Self-paced video modules covering poultry basics, best practices and insight
  • Copious amounts of free resources that Melissa has accumulated in her 15+ years of teaching;
  • Knowledge and wisdom from an experienced poultry keeper;
  • And so much more..

You’ll discover how to:

  • Plan an appropriate small-scale poultry facility
  • Select the right breed, variety, or strain of poultry for their poultry keeping goals
  • Implement poultry-keeping best management practices 
  • Implement basic biosecurity protocols for small-scale poultry facilities
  • Recognize some common poultry health issues and strategies to prevent and/or treat them
  • Implement husbandry practices specific to keeping egg laying poultry
  • Keep accurate flock records
  • Small-scale poultry enterprise marketing, legal, and budgeting considerations

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Get started with the poultry best practices today!

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