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Everything you need to become more self-reliant and start implementing permaculture in your own life now!

Join the Revolution… Disguised as Gardening


This introductory permaculture course will guide you through:

How to get started in permaculture so you set yourself up for success

All the must-know info for creating systems of resilience and sustenance

A holistic, systems-based, scalable strategy for food freedom

Common sense, practical solutions for self-sufficient living

A revolutionary way of providing security for you and your family

The best time to start is NOW!

"We should cease to look to power structures, hierarchical systems, or governments to help us, and devise ways to help ourselves."
—Bill Mollison, ‘Father of Permaculture’

“If you want a comprehensive overview of the current possibilities of practicing permaculture, [start here].”
—Bobby Boyce, Student of Melissa Miles

Inflation, supply chain disruptions, food shortages…

How are YOU preparing for the future in the face of uncertainty?

Now more than ever it’s vital that we create systems of self-reliance with confidence and security…

However, this process does not happen overnight. Designing the right system requires:

  • a thorough understanding of basic permaculture principles
  • knowledge of how to apply them to your own situation/circumstances
  • a lot of hard work – which will be reduced over timeif the system is designed right.

Save yourself YEARS of trial and error so you can implement practical, proven systems from the get-go.

Enroll now to benefit from the wisdom of an experienced practitioner.

Save yourself YEARS of trial and error so you can implement practical, proven systems from the get-go.

Enroll now to benefit from the wisdom of an experienced practitioner.


This introductory permaculture course will provide an overview of the design science that uses nature as a template to restore degraded landscapes, build resilience, and bring abundance to the lives of practitioners worldwide…

In this course, you’ll discover:

  • Nine self-paced modules covering permaculture basics with slides, commentary, additional reading;
  • Assigned activities to practice on your own after each module;
  • The history, ethics, and principles of permaculture;
  • How to cultivate your ecological and pattern literacy;
  • Methods of designing permaculture systems, such as site mapping;
  • Lessons on soil, composting, vegetable gardening, and water management;
  • The breakdown on livestock & 'micro livestock' in permaculture systems;
  • Scaling: from farms to suburban backyards and urban apartments to community gardens;
  • Copious amounts of free resources that Melissa has accumulated in her 15+ years of teaching;
  • And, honestly, so much more!

“There is so much to farming but the course made it seem not so overwhelming. This gave me what I needed to get started.” –Amos Poole, Student of Melissa Miles


Learn from a true professional who practices what she teaches! 

Melissa Miles is a permaculture teacher & designer, environmental biologist, farmer, and homesteader. She started Two Miles Micro-Farm, 1-acre' micro-farm outside Philadelphia, where she grew organic vegetables, produced honey, and foraged wild foods for the farm's small CSA program, local farm markets, and restaurants. Melissa served as the Organizer and teacher for Eastern Pennsylvania Permaculture Guild for several years. She is passionate about permaculture and enjoys sparking the same passion in others.

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Everything you need to become more self-reliant


Worried about getting started? Don’t let this common refrain be yours:

“…maybe that’s where my system has ‘failed’ at the design stage. Some more experience would have helped here.” 

Get access to Melissa’s experience and wisdom today, and start your journey on a firm foundation!

This could be YOU:

“Permaculture is changing my life! Not only is it giving me what I need to improve and regenerate landscapes, it is improving and regenerating my life. The principles and ethics, tools, and techniques are transferable and applicable to my work as a teacher and my relationships with others.” —Satisfied Permaculture Student