We all want to feel like we belong, but how do you build a community? Learn the best ways to build your own tribe and find the people who can help you grow.

Revolution Disguised As Gardening. An Introduction to Permaculture | Melissa Miles

A jam-packed introductory course designed to give you everything you need to become more self-reliant and start implementing permaculture in your own life now!

  • Learn the history, ethics, and principles of permaculture
  • Grow your ecological and pattern literacy with integration activities
  • Gain a plethora of resources that Melissa has accumulated over 15+ years
  • Discover all the ins and outs of designing permaculture systems
The Complete Guide to Forming Communities | Stefan Verstappen

Take your freedom into your own hands, create mutual aid support, and survive the coming collapse.

  • Build your own services to prepare for when existing ones disappear
  • Secure a strong foundation for your community with Charters and By-Laws
  • Find out how to screen for psychopaths and avoid being overrun by the wrong people
  • Become self-sufficient, share knowledge, and support each other during the bad times
PARRHESIA The world needs YOUR voice | Benny Wills

This immersive, hands-on training will empower you to unlock your voice and free your speech. Shatter your fear of speaking and be somebody people remember.

  • Learn how to capture interest, avoid arguments and build bridges
  • Navigate challenging conversations with people you care about
  • Gain lifetime access to the Parrhesia community
  • Unleash your artistry and elevate it to excellence!
Mental-Emotional Kung Fu | Darrell Becker

Are you tired of wasting attention and time thinking about interpersonal conflicts in your personal and professional life? Learn to use the knowledge of your own and anyone’s motives to create win/win situations. 

  • Create mutual understanding and lasting agreements.
  • Create productive interactions, even with “challenging people”.
  • Learn the methods to flip any heated argument into a productive discussion. 
  • Develop mental and emotional balance in your life