If you believe in a free, open and decentralized internet and want to have control of your data and services... 




Ready to take control of your data storage and privacy?

Step-by-step walkthrough:

Autonomy with Email & Data Storage

Your pictures, chat messages, browsing history, have nothing to do on somebody else's server (a.k.a. The Cloud). They are part of your private life.

These data should be managed by you, not a random company in the US who wants your data to analyze them and sell the results.

Learn How the Internet Works

Operating your own server is a pretty good context to understand the basic mechanisms at the heart of operating systems and the Internet.

You will develop a good understanding of why to self-host along with how to do the work to create your own private server.

Learning What Tools to Use

The internet is a big and mystical place... That is, if you don't have guidance of a seasoned pro.

Brian Becker will lead you through the Web "jungle" and show you exactly how and with what to start hosting your own server.

Get Expert Guidance to demystify the internet.



Don't let someone else have constant access and control to your data...

Have autonomy of your internet privacy.

In "Cloud Hosting for Beginners" you'll gain valuable insights into how the valuable tool of self-reliance can help you stay safe in this digital age.

And because this is recorded, you can pause, rewind, and replay the walkthrough so you can follow along step-by-step.

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