Get the best tips and tricks for starting your own business. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or just want to work for yourself, these courses will help you get started.

AUTONOMY | Richard Grove

Everything you need for lifelong success taught in 12 weeks

  • Heighten your self-reliance, self-confidence, and self-esteem
  • Outgrow your current position and improve future career prospects
  • Present your ideas with a winning methodology (and be taken seriously)
  • Connect with a STRONG network of Independent, Self-Reliant, and Critical Thinking individuals from all over the world.
Copywriting With Excellence | Kara Shepard-Poat

A self-paced course designed to teach you how to write compelling copy using ethical practices…and how to get your messages in front of the right people!

  •  Take the guesswork out of your messaging by knowing how to conduct audience research
  • Understand the fundamental rules of copywriting so that you don’t muddy your messages
  • Learn how to build trust with your landing pages, emails, lead magnets, and more
  • Harness the secrets to writing compelling copy that leads your prospects to say YES
7 Steps to Escape the Rat Race - WealthBattle.com

Become financially resilient and independent. The only way to truly live free is to have options available to you. This FREE offering will help you discover the path to financial freedom.

  • Learn how to go from working a job to being able to support yourself
  • Become resilient without trading large amounts of time for dollars
  • Learn how to budget and identify previously unseen opportunities
  • Discover how to ascend the pyramid and ESCAPE the rat race!
Mental-Emotional Kung Fu | Darrell Becker

Are you tired of wasting attention and time thinking about interpersonal conflicts in your personal and professional life? Learn to use the knowledge of your own and anyone’s motives to create win/win situations. 

  • Create mutual understanding and lasting agreements.
  • Create productive interactions, even with “challenging people”.
  • Learn the methods to flip any heated argument into a productive discussion. 
  • Develop mental and emotional balance in your life